– Recent Projects –


Here are some pieces I'm particularly proud of.


Danaide 01

Danaide 02


The first in aseries of paintings of the Danaides

The Second Danaide, oil on canvas on wood

Oil on canvas on wood, 60 by 60 cm.

still available for sale

The Wait



Oil on Canvas on wood, size is

50 by 70 cm

Acrylics and oil on canvas, this piece is about 50 by 70 cm large and for sale.

Acrylics on bamboo paper, this was painted on wet paper.


Oil and Honey

Black stockings and wind

This is a paining on Canvas done in acrylics and oil, ca 60 by 60 cm

This was done on a small wooden board in oils. 30 by 40 cm

30 by 30 cm oil on wood there are several versions of this available.

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    Erik Staub


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